Host Then Profit – Host Then Profits

This hosting and online marketing and training package will help you :

1. Build a website and have it hosted .

Visitors will visit your site only if they can find you online . At a very reasonable price , you will learn how to build your website  , host it on our server so that they can find you.  When they find you , they may buy from you thus putting more money in your pocket.

2. Pitch your sales on your site with text , voice video presentation or even with conference call .

Visitors always browse the net  to look for something to buy . You will learn how to make  text , voice , video  sales presentation online . Visitors serves the net any time which is impossible for your sales  staff to be there 24/7.

Or perhaps they needed to talk to someone while they are online –you will learn you how to do a  sales conference call right at your office saving you and your potential local or foreign customers precious time and cost of travelling .

3. Capture names and addresses of potential customers visiting your site.

Visitors will only drop by your site when they  are attracted by your online sales campaign . You will learn how to create sales campaign and capture potential customers names and email addresses for you to follow up with them for potential sales . You and your sales staff do not have to work round the clock asking for names and addresses from potential customers – it is all put on auto pilot .

This is an email from Joel Therein …

Things will explode.. where else can you get

>> 4 domain hosting
>> a professional auto responder service
>> Video hosting with EasyVideoProducer
>> A GVOconference room
>> Prospecting and Lead Capture pages
>> The best compensation plan on the internet

ALL for less than $10 a month!!!

Click here for more information…

Chin, it is unheard of..

Remember.. aweber (which is an AMAZING
auto responder company is $40 a month alone!)

You get the auto responder and so much more
for under $10!

Yes under $10 with a 70% payout in residual

How can we afford to charge so little and pay
out so much??

Honestly.. because we own and operate our
own data center, which keeps our overhead

Ill be sure to get you banners and ad copy
by Monday morning.

Thanks for taking part in this Chin M C
I really appreciate everything that you do!

–Joel Therien
Founder and CEO
GVO & HostThenProfit

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Host Then Profits is designed with three main purposes :

  1. It is ideal for you who need to HOST and add new content or make changes to your website. Your website will be fresh with up to date information.
  1. It also gives you the opportunity to PROFIT from it while building and maintaining your website.
  1. You will access to full Training on Web Hosting and the Business Building Tools .

Three ways that you can participate in Host Then Profits :

  1. Host own Domains that allows you to take full control of your website.
  1. Host other people’s Domains and keep all the fees you charge clients.
  1. Host own and or other people’s Domains and be an active Affiliate earning you commission and building your team.

You have every reason to get involved . As a website owner ,it is wise to pick up simple  knowledge and skills in Web Hosting and the Business Building Tools that are included in the package.

Learning and at the same time teaching others how you do it will enforce your own learning . You will be an expert in the long run !

 An opportunity that ANYONE will succeed at.

Why?  Remember.. Product before Opportunity..

No ONE is offering what we offer for less than $10.00 per month.

Therefore people are coming because you can’t get this amazing deal anywhere!

Host Then Profits Review

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